Upcoming Events

TRX Small Group Class
Starts Monday, November 2 @ 11 am – noon

Fall Fun Fest Costume & Dance Party
Friday, October 30 @ 6:00 – 7:30 pm


Fitness With A PurposeFitness With A Purpose Workshops provide hands on activities and demonstrations pertaining to healthy eating, exercise, strength training and mental clarity. These motivating workshops help get people and communities to move, exercise and eat healthy. Workshops will explore select principles and provide techniques, tools and insight necessary for personal growth and building healthy meaningful lives.

Our workshop facilitators combine humor and knowledge to inspire, educate, and motivate every individual. Our proactive approach places a greater emphasis on prevention and healthy living, as opposed to the reactive approach of treating symptoms and illnesses.

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Gym fitness class

Workshop Material

  • Living Well With Diabetes
  • Second Saturdays Nutrition Classes
  • Eat Right, Feel Great – Menu Planning
  • Look great from the inside out – Self Esteem Discussion
  • Minding your own business – Mental Clarity Exercise
  • Be your best, not just anybody – Stretching and Toning exercises for the body
  • Discussion on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid